My first Ridgeback Zulu - is still the most beautiful dog I've ever known (let alone having the privilege to own) from Zambuana/Greg and Rowhin. I now own two ridgeback puppy's 2&3= Zeus & Zaire from Zambuana. They are 18 months old now and have the similarities of the beautiful soul that Zulu was. Amazing Rhodesian Ridgebacks guys. David M


Arrived safely. Thank you both so much for such a precious and priceless gift. Thank you for your devotion and love that has enabled people like us to obtain so much comfort,company and companionship in your beautiful "offspring". Thanks also for your warmth and hospitality. Mark 9.12.18


We are Diane Janssen and Bob Woods
i believe we bought a puppy from you nearly 18 years ago.  
We are in our seventies now so no more puppies!   My husband has parkinson disease and we still live on several acres (with a caretaker).  Our present ridgeback whom we call Jaiya (victory) is about 12 now.  
I am looking to adopt a very stable adult dog who will keep Jaiya company and hike the local mountains with me.  We are starting with you.  Your line has proven to be the best in a lifetime of owning ridgebacks
If  there were a dog of reasonable age (2-4 ideal) we would like to know and see if we can work out being its future family.
Thank you,
Diane Janssen 17.12.18 


Greg and Rowhin were very professional and a pleasure to deal with. We are so greatful to be the proud "parents" of a Zambuana Ridgeback. Our big boy is now almost 8 months old and is testment to the sound breeding that Zambuana work on. He is the perfect puppy in every way.

Brad Purcell


   We got our Marley in October 2014. He is just beautiful with the best temperament. he lives inside and is just like one of our children. He is one of the family. Thank you Rowhin and Greg

Peta Mcniece (Oct 2015)


   Thank you so much for allowing us to see the puppies and their parents last week. You have done a wonderful job on your puppies and was shown to us that you both take much proud in your dogs and kennel. In saying that Mike and I would love to purchase a little girl to add to our family. Looking forward to speaking soon. 

Mike and Abbie


   Afternoon Rowhin and Greg,

As you both now know we unfortunately lost our much loved Foster recently. He will be sorely missed by us (and many others) He gave us almost 12 years of total love and devotion. We were very lucky to have had him. Both John and I wish to thank you both for allowing us the opportunity to have such a special animal in our lives. He was a magnificent dog.

We are now planning to travel to England for about 3 - 4 months at the end of this year. Once we return, we are planning to get another special dog and we are hoping you will allow us to have another of your dogs. Will be in touch.

Again, thank you both for allowing us to have Foster,

Love Cath & John Rodger


   Thank you for the most amazing Ridgy. She is now 2.5 and a bit years old and the most incredible. Everyone loves Taiga. She is so human, sso intelligent, so gentle, sooooo smart and my best mate in the whole world. With out you guys I would never had this joy in my life. What a cuddler.

Milica Zzaa


  Everyone who meets our Ridgeback falls in love with his looks and gentle nature. I would recommend ZAMBUANA lodge, they are the best.

Paul Walsh (Dec 2014)


   I had the best dog I have ever owned come from this breeder. Sadly JED has past now and seriously considering another Rhodesian Ridgeback awesome Natured Mates. Cheers

Simon Borg (Jun 2015)


Great guys, know there stuff, was a complete and absolute pleasure dealing with them.

Dave Weine (Feb 2015)


We would so much love to see you soon. Its always so much fun visiting and so empowering seeing all your beautiful Ridgies. We'll be cruising your way in the near future. Much love 

Milica (Feb 2016)


They are the best natured babies, we don't know what life would be like without our gorgeous girl, So kind, so intelligent, so loving.

Lisa (Jan 2016)