Zambuana Lodge has been establish for 36 years and is now located in Parkesbourne, Southern Tablelands NSW, 15 minutes south of Goulburn, 2 hours south of Sydney and 40 north of Canberra.



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Cavalier King Charles Spaniels


Greg and Rowhin also breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and have been doing so for over 30 years. 


All of our puppies and adult dogs are well socialised and have great temperaments and personalities. We concentrate mainly on soundness, temperament and type and getting their hips, knees and hearts vigorously checked when vetted. Introducing new blood lines when needed, we have very successfully bred the four colours of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. All parents have been DNA tested. For any enquiries please call or email, we look forward to answering any questions you may have.


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    All of our puppies will be on limited pedigree papers and our price includes two vet checks, their first vaccination and their Micro-Chipping. You are more than welcome to come and view the puppies and the parents, and sometimes grandparents at any time, however, you will not be able to handle them until they have had their first vaccination at 6 weeks


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Energetic and loving, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel makes the perfect family pet, but it must be stressed they are dogs that belong with people. They are not dogs to be left alone or housed outside as they thrive on human contact.
Cavaliers are bred in four colours: BLENHEIM: Chestnut markings on a pearly white coat. The markings on the head should be equally divided giving a masked effect and leaving room in the middle for the prized "Blenheim Spot". TRI-COLOUR: A black and white dog with tan markings over the eyes, on the cheeks, inside the legs, behind the elbows and on the underside of the tail. BLACK AND TAN: Absolutely raven black coat with tan markings over the eyes, on the cheeks, inside the legs, behind the elbows and under the tail. RUBY: Whole colour rich red with no white markings at all.



Q Why are Cavaliers so expensive?


A  Responsible Cavalier breeders who are health testing and showing their breeding adults typically charge between $2500 - $3000 for a pet quality puppy. Show potential puppies sell for much more. We put a lot of care, consideration, and money into breeding healthy puppies that grow up to be healthy adults that actually look like beautiful Cavaliers. People can easily find a registered “Cavalier” for less at a puppy mill or irresponsible breeder, but even in the short term, that puppy will likely cost far more in immediate health care costs. In the long term, it probably won’t live as long, and it won’t look like a cavalier is expected to look.


Q  Have the puppies been well socialized?


A  Yes. By the time they are ready to go home with you, all the puppies will have spent a lot of time with our family. They will be accustomed to small children, other animals and all the elements of a busy household.


Q  Are the parents on site?


A Yes, both parents are on the farm. If the parents are not out, feel free to ask to meet the parents as we will be happy to introduce you.


Q What kind of food has my puppy been eating?


A  We feed a quality dry kibble, Royal Canin. You can find it at high-end feed stores, at Petbarn or most Vet clinics or online. If you choose not to continue feeding the same food to your new puppy, we recommend you purchase a small bag of it to gradually switch over to your preferred brand. Please feed your puppy premium food and consider the natural brands. Good nutrition is cheaper in the long run. In the short run, they eat half as much (so the bag goes twice as far), and you’ll have much less waste to scoop in the yard.


Q  Will you take the dog back if I cannot care for it in the future?


A  Yes. We will always be ready and willing to give your dog a good home should you be unable to care for it in the future for any reason. We don’t want any of our beloved puppies to ever end up in a rescue or shelter.


Q  Do you own or breed other breeds of dogs?


A Yes we also breed Rhodesian Ridgebacks


Q  Do the puppies have their shots and wormed?


A  Yes, all our puppies have had their first vaccination and their second vet check All of our puppies have been on a worming program from the age of 2 weeks. They will also be individually examined and cleared by our veterinarian before going home.


Q  Will you be available to help me with questions after we go home?


A  Absolutely! Please stay in contact with us. We are happy to help you with any questions that might arise. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll find out.


Q  Are Cavaliers good with children?


A  Yes. We feel that Cavaliers make a perfect family pet. The Cavalier has been class as the best first breed for a young family.  Small children should always be well supervised when around a delicate puppy.


Q  How much grooming do Cavaliers require?


A  Cavaliers require daily to weekly brushing to maintain their long, silky coat, mainly around the ears, legs and tail areas to prevent knotting. A bath once a month with dog or puppy shampoo helps to keep the coat clean and tangle free. If they do have a knot, brush it out before bathing.


Q   Should I get a male or female Cavalier?


A  If I were to have only one Cavalier, I’d want a male. The common saying in cavaliers is, “Females love you, but males are in love with you.” I have found this to be true of every Cavalier I’ve owned. The males tend to really adore their owners. The females tend to be more aloof and love whomever they choose at that particular moment. It is a common misconception that male dogs have issues with dominance with their owners and other animals. With Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, it is the females that establish dominance hierarchies, and the males just go along with the flow. Two female cavaliers in the same household will generally have some issues with dominance, whereas two males will not. A one male/one female combination will not have dominance issues either, as the female will run the house.


Q  What supplies do you recommend for my new Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?


A  If you are purchasing one of our Cavalier puppies, there is a list of recommended produces you will need in our Puppy Accessories page.



Zambuana Jemma, Cavalier King Charles, Blenhiem colour. Deceased 24.3.2011 Age 9

Zambuana Polly, Cavalier King Charles, Tri Colour

Zambuana Nelson. Cavalier King Charles, Blenhiem colour

Two happy little ladies, Missy and Snoop

The kids having nap time. There are 4 beds in that room and they choose to sleep on one.

Zambuana Shining Rose, Cavalier King Charles, Tri colour. Living in Singapore