Zambuana Lodge has been establish for 36 years and is now located in Parkesbourne, Southern Tablelands NSW, 15 minutes south of Goulburn, 2 hours south of Sydney and 40 north of Canberra.



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There is a strong sense of heritage at Hillview (Zambuana Lodge) Parkesbourne. The land and now its sense of history and belonging have been cultivated and cherished by the present owners,

Greg and Rowhin. 


Over the last 3 years because of changing family commitments and the move from Mittagong, in the Southern Highlands to Parkesbourne, in the Southern Tablelands, has allowed us to re define and redevelop the property, ideally suited to grazing privately owned horses. Currently over 7 horses, and room for more are cared for with their owners taking full advantage of the purpose built facilities.  


There is obviously a need within the area that Zambuana Lodge meet. Greg and Rowhin bring the right skills to this part of their business from full board or do it yourself agistment with individual yards or large shared paddocks. 

Greg has spent his whole life around horses, coming from a trotting family, he become involved in pony club from the age of 6 and from there moving onto dressage and three-day eventing and later performing at El Caballo Blanco, Spanish performance horses at Catherine Fields, Sydney.  


In year 2000, we opened Zambuana Lodge, Training and Agistment Centre at Luddenham where we agisted up to 65 horses from paddock, yard and full stable agistment. This is where Greg perused his passion and used his 42 years of experience with client training and educating with a few very successful clients, one been Jonathan Paget, who now rides in the New Zealand Equestrian Olympic team. 


Rowhin has the other essential role of the business management including accounts, invoicing and coordinating bookings of facilities and generally keeping things running smoothly. Both are approachable and helpful and want to see this business enhancing the horse owning experience for as many people as possible.  


Zambuana Lodge is supervised 24 hours, 7 days a week. Horses are checked daily and we have local vet services on call. Farrier services also come on a regular basis. All horse entering Zambuana Lodge must be up to date with all vaccinations, i.e. S & T injections, and wormed 3 days prior to their arrival day. We are 20 minutes from Goulburn dressage and show jumping club. 


We also offer floating or float hire if necessary  







Facilities available  


We have a 60x20 grass arena, 20 metre round yard with sand surface (not yet complete), wash bay, fenced grass show jumping arena, tie up areas, Lunch room with complimentary tea and coffee, in one of our 200-year-old cottages. All available for your use. There are large open, flat paddocks to ride through over the property or you can adventure out on the dirt roads and discover what historic Parkesbourne and Breadalbane have to offer. Lessons are also available, as a group or individual.  


Property Management 


At Zambuana Lodge we strive to manage our property in the most sustainable way possible. We strive to keep our pastures in the best possible condition through rotational grazing, regular harrowing and an annual fertiliser program. 


Weed Management 


We have a comprehensive weed management program in place to aim at keeping our pastures in prime condition and weed free for your horses. 


Worming Management 


Zambuana Lodge has an active worming program and utilises a combination of evidence-based worming and pasture management. All horses should be wormed at least once every 3 months and will be managed so all horse will be wormed at the same time. New horses arriving at Zambuana Lodge must be wormed at least 3 days prior to their arrival. 





Paddock Agistment      

$_____ per day (grass only – shared paddock) 

This option provides a choice of various size paddocks with horses being placed according to sex, age and temperament. 

$_____per day (includes hay daily) 

Horses requiring hay are grouped together in designated paddocks 


Individual Yards 

$16 per day  

This includes two hard feeds (am and pm) and hay depending on your horse’s requirements.  

Rugging and un-rugging as necessary. 

Cleaning and maintenance of the yard. 

These yards are approximately a quarter of an acre in size with a large amount of grass pick. (seasonal)  



$28 per day 

This includes two hard feeds (am and pm) and hay depending on your horse’s requirements.  

Our stables are roomy, well ventilated and bedding consists of shavings. 

All stables are cleaned daily.  

$32 per day 

This is for a stable at night and yard during the day, with 2 hard feeds (am and pm)