Supplies that you need for your new puppy


1:    Crate.  Your full-grown Cavalier will need a “Medium” size crate approximately 24 inches long x 18 wide x 21 inches high.  Another option is to also purchase a smaller crate for the puppy stage.  A full size crate leaves the small puppy too much room for accidents.  You’ll want to bring a crate for the puppy with you to pick him or her up.  Dogs need to ride in a crate in cars as puppies but as they get older you can place them is a car/walking harness.  A crate offers them some protection.


2:    Bedding. You will need a bed for both inside and out. Outside stretcher beds are great as they are up off the ground so stay dry and cool in summer. A soft snuggle bed for inside that is of reasonable size. If your dog is comfortable on their own bed, they will leave your chairs and lounges alone.


3:    Stainless steel food and water dishes. We prefer stainless because it can be sanitized in the dishwasher.  We recommend having at least two sets so that they can be washed frequently.   Bowls with rubber no-skid bottoms are great and have held up well for us.


4:    Toys..  We like rope bones, fleece ropes and various squeaky toys.  Cavaliers seem to love things that squeak.  We are careful to watch our dogs and throw away any toys that start to fall apart. Kong toys are great.


5:    Grooming supplies. You’ll want a small pin brush, comb and slicker brush.  Our show dogs get brushed daily to prevent mattes, but your pet can probably be brushed weekly. Dog or Puppy shampoos and conditioners. If you prefer to buy something in a pet store, we recommend choosing a natural product that is dye and fragrance free to hopefully prevent any allergy issues.  We bathe fortnightly to maintain show coat, but you can probably bathe monthly unless the dog gets dirty, of course.You’ll also want a tool for clipping nails. 


6:    Waste bags for walks. There are many options, but cheap sandwich bags from the grocery store work well.


7:    Food. We are feeding the puppy Royal Canine Small Breed Puppy food.  It is a high quality, natural food and is available at most pet stores or vet clinic.  We will provide you with a small bag of the food if we have packs available.  If you choose to feed something else, please mix the two foods together and switch over slowly.  


8:    Training Treats. It is not necessary to waste money on unhealthy commercial treats full of preservatives and junk ingredients.  Try bits of diced chicken breast and or dried liver bits are also good.  Your dog and their waistline will love you for it.